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Wed, Sep. 13th, 2006, 04:05 am

There have been several questions about the timeline of my universe, so here is a partial one that will be filled in more as the stories are posted.


1961- House is born

1977- House starts University (Pre-Med)

1979- Chase is born

1981- House starts Medical School

1988- House meets Wilson and Cuddy

1992- House starts at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital

(May) House and Chase met in London, Chase moves to USA
(July) Chase finds out he is pregnant (1st Time)
(August) House and Chase are married
(September) Chase starts College
(October) Chase’s Mother Dies

(January) Gregory is born
(May) 1st Anniversary

(January) Gregory is 1
(March) Chase decides he will go on to medical school after he graduates
(May) 2nd Anniversary
(October) House becomes head of Diagnostics

(January) Gregory is 2
(May) 3rd Anniversary, and Chase graduates with his Bachelor’s degree
(September) Chase starts Medical School
(November) Chase finds out he is pregnant, runs into his father in New York

(January) Gregory is 3
(March) They move into their new home near the hospital (6 bedrooms, 1 playroom, 1 office and 1 guestroom (for Wilson))
(May) 4th Anniversary
(June) Jimmy is born
(September) 2nd year Medical School

(January) Gregory is 4
(May) 5th Anniversary
(June) Jimmy is 1
(September) 3rd year of Medical School

(January) Gregory is 5
(April) Greg turns 40
(May) 6th Anniversary and Chase graduates from Medical School
(June) Jimmy is 2
(August) Chase starts at the Hospital in ICU
(September) Gregory is suspended from school for the first time for mouthing off to a teacher
(October) Chase finds out he is pregnant
(December) House has his infraction

(January) Gregory is 6
(April) House goes back to work full time
(May) 7th Anniversary, Emmy and Sydney are born
(June) Jimmy is 3

(January) Gregory is 7
(May) 8th Anniversary, Twins turn 1, Chase is transferred to Diagnostics temporarily
(June) Jimmy is 4
(November) Mikey is born

(January) Gregory is 8
(May) 9th Anniversary, Twin turn 2
(June) Jimmy is 5
(September) Foreman is hired
(November) Mikey is 1

(January) Gregory is 9, Cameron is hired
(May) 10th Anniversary, Twins turn 3
(June) Jimmy is 6
(September) Chase finds out he is pregnant
(November) Mikey is 2

(January) Gregory is 10
(April) Sandy is born
(May) 11th Anniversary, Twins turn 4
(June) Jimmy is 7
(November) Mikey is 3

(January) Gregory is 11
(April) Sandy is 1
(May) 12th Anniversary, Twins turn 5
(June) Jimmy is 8
(November) Mikey is 4

(January) Gregory is 12
(March) ?
(April) Sandy is 2
(May) 13th Anniversary, Twins turn 6
(June) Jimmy is 9
(November) Mikey is 5

(January) Gregory is 13
(April) Sandy is 3
(May) 14th Anniversary, Twins turn 7
(June) Jimmy is 10
(September) ?
(November) Mikey is 6

Story Order

-Love at First Quip (2005, 1995)
-Phone Call (2005)
-The Plan (2005)
-Nightmare (1998)
-15 and Pregnant (1995, 1996, 2005)
-The Surgery (2001)
-The Look (2005)
-Anniversary Part 1 (1995-2005), Part 2 (2006-2015)

As of the moment this is the House Family Tree

Gregory Edmund House (April 6, 1961)

Robert Marcus House (September 16, 1979)

1st Gregory Marcus Chase House (January 16, 1996); Almost 10 and is referred to as Gregory by his parents, acts like a miniature House most of the times (Sweetie)

2nd James Edmund House (June 6, 1999); 6 years old and is referred to as Jimmy by his parents, is a sweet artistic boy who loves to paint (conceived on Robby’s birthday) (Poppet)

3rd and 4th Sydney Elizabeth and Emily Marie House (May 23, 2002); 3 ½ years old and are referred to as Sydney and Emmy or as the twin terror, Emmy is a little daddy’s girl that acts like a princess and Sydney is quieter and is very shy (Cece and Princess E)

5th Connor Michael House (November 9, 2003); just turned 2 years old and is referred to as Mikey by his parents; currently the baby of the family personality seems to be more like House than Chase

6th New Baby Boy(Due in April 6, 2006) Alesander Mathew House

Yes there will be a few more children as they have already been partially written into the series…

Sun, Oct. 8th, 2006 09:16 pm (UTC)

Right, I've got a question, Hannah:
What day did Robert and Greg get married?